Who Are the Murillo Experts?

We have been working to identify, authenticate, and appraise works by Bartolomé Murillo for over a decade.

Due to the diverse locations of the professional members comprising the Murillo Experts team, we have access to a wide range of institutions and museums throughout the world.

Our experts, who are licensed by USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), certify paintings by Bartolomé Murillo and issue Certificates of Authenticity backed by investigative reports. Additionally, they perform informal and official appraisals of the works.

To discover if a Murillo painting is authentic, Murillo Experts utilizes all existing resources, including forensic analysis methods, special photography, document investigation, traditional knowledge of art, and any other scientific test deemed necessary, as well as the assessment of crucial elements.


If you have an authentic Murillo painting or drawing