Authentication of Works by Murillo

The Murillo Experts team specializes in Murillo authentications as well as the reconstruction of provenance. In order to authenticate a work, we search for historical evidence and complete a technical, compositional, and stylistic analysis. We place the work chronologically. We have consistency controls, and we complete signature analysis, materials testing, forensic investigation, and special photographic studies. In some cases, we study digital fingerprints or DNA. We have access to international artwork archives, allowing us to do exhaustive and professional work, recognized in all artistic media.

The authentication process begins with a comparative analysis of the work. For this reason, the work's dimensions and history (if known), or any other detail concerning the work, are taken into account. Much evidence is left behind relating to the origin of a painting when it is bought or sold, when making a donation, when completing an insurance transaction, or when it is shown in an exhibition. Murillo Experts has ample experience to deduce and interpret these events in the investigation of provenance and authenticity.

The work then undergoes a stylistic study called Morellian Analysis, which combines several elements of knowledge about Murillo. Morellian Analysis investigates common patterns and standards that exist in works that have already been identified as genuine Murillos. The presence or absence of these details in the work that is being analyzed is a crucial test in identifying the difference between a genuine and forged Murillo piece.

Our investigation will be reflected in a prolific report, copiously illustrated, detailing how the authentication was done and what conclusions were drawn. If we confirm that we are dealing with an authentic work by Murillo, we certify your painting and issue a Certificate of Authenticity.

The cost of an authentication depends on many factors: the time needed to complete it, the location of the archives with information about the artist, the probable transportation to obtain information about the work, the requirement of special photos or a special scientific procedure, and the investigation's level of difficulty.

In all cases, we give a personalized estimate before beginning any work. In some complicated projects, we request an advance if we are not certain of the time and work it will take to complete an authentication.

Fees are paid in advance. That is to say, the investigation begins as soon as the corresponding remittance is received.

Our renowned team of Murillo experts has been completing authentications since 2002, and we want to help you authenticate your painting. Please see our Contact page for more information.


If you have an authentic Murillo painting or drawing