Disciples and Followers

Francisco Meneses Osorio, one of Murillo's closest disciples, completed the work Murillo began for the Capuchins of Cadiz. The influence of Zurbarán can also be observed in his work.

Immaculate Conception by Francisco Meneses Osorio, 1692, Private Collection

Cornelio Schut arrived in Seville already trained as a painter. His works have several influences. Schut's work is unremarkable.

Pedro Núñez de Villavicencio, was more than a disciple, he was friend. Only his themes hearken back to Murillo, as the very heavy brushstrokes and the composition of his works diverge from Murillo's style.

Two other painters influenced by Murillo were Juan Simón Gutiérrez and Esteban Márquez de Velasco. Esteban assimilated Murillo's style, making him one of Murillo's most faithful followers, so much so that some of his paintings left Seville as Murillo originals during the French plunder in the War of Independence.

The Dormition of the Virgin by Márquez de Velasco, Art Gallery of Ontario

Another of his followers was Sebastián Gómez (nicknamed "the Mulatto" and supposed slave of Murillo).

In addition, Alonso Miguel de Tovar was an admirer of Murillo, from whom he took his style to such a degree that, until recently, his works had been attributed to the master Murillo.

Finally, there were Bernardo Lorente Germán, with skill in illusion, and Domingo Martínez, both of whom served the Court during their stay in Seville from 1729 to 1733. All had Murillo-like tendencies in their work.

The Divine Shepherdess by Alonso Miguel de Tovar

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