Murillo Authentication

If you are the happy owner of a work by Murillo and you want to have it authenticated, you may be asking yourself what the best options to follow are. Whom should you speak with to demonstrate, through sound analysis and patient investigation, that you truly have an original Murillo?

Auction houses do not do this type of work, nor do art galleries. Museums currently have specific instructions not to give their opinion about artistic works. The fear of lawsuits has made it very difficult to obtain a Certificate of Authenticity in the art world.

Our Murillo specialists are at your service at this moment. Murillo Experts utilizes all the tools for research and analysis to complete supported authentications and realistic appraisals of works by Murillo.

Each case unique and should be considered according to its special features. Our strategy for each authentication is not based on a common pattern. Rather, we consider all the known and alleged information about each case and then decide the best path to follow in order to verify, determine, and demonstrate if a painting or drawing really is an original Murillo.